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Restoration & Cleaning of Silver & Antique Silverware

We undertake cleaning, polishing, repairs and conservation to all silver items from antique silverware, plates, silver cutlery, silver ornaments and jewellery.


We use non-destuctive and non-toxic methods such as electrolysis to remove tarnish, and only polish when absolutely necessary. Each time an item is polished, it removes a very small amount of precious metal from the surface. This is a particular problem when an item is silver plated - the layer of silver can be extremely thin.


Items made of brass or copper will tarnish very fast after being polished, particularly if you live near the ocean. If required we can spray them with a protective layer of lacquer.



A tarnished silver candelabra before cleaning and polishing.
Polished silverware - a silver plated candelabra after restoration.

These photographs show the before and after of a recently cleaned and polished silver plated candelabra.

We used heat and solvent to remove the candle wax residue, electrolytic ionic reduction to remove the tarnish, then lightly polished the silver as required.

How we clean silver and silverware


An antique copper and brass tea urn. Restored by Damian Regan at ARC Services on the Gold Coast.

Antique Copper & Brass Tea Urn

Restored by Damian Regan

Cleaning Ormolu

Ormolu decorations on a peice of antique furniture. Ready to be cleaned.
Ormolu decorations clean and bright after restoration.

Antique Restoration & Conservation Services

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Phone: 07 5535 1939

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Antique Restoration and Conservation Services, Gold Coast. Ph: (07) 5535 1939, Unit 2, 53 Township Drive Burleigh Heads QLD 4220

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