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A restored antique spanish gallion model. Once a  childrens toy, now a highly valued collector's item.

About ARC Services

We are a family business established by Calvert Regan in Australia in 1989. Our workshop is based in Burleigh Heads Queensland just off junction 89 on the Pacific Highway. We offer an antique restoration and conservation service second to none.


Calvert Regan received his training in the UK serving a full apprenticeship. Prior to emigrating to Australia in 1989 he worked as a furniture restorer & conservator for the British National Trust and English Heritage. He also taught antique restoration and fine furniture making at the Shrewsbury College of Art and Technology.


Cal was joined by his sons Justin and Damian and the business is now run as a family concern.


All work is conducted in house. No work is sub-contracted out to other craftspeople.


An antique restorer's tool kit, a marples and son's gauge.

A brief description of our approach and philosophy

Historic artifacts are very valuable. They contain history of our past. The quality of design and the durability of the material of which they are made has ensured their survival. Some very old pieces are still in remarkable condition. They were made by highly skilled and at the time, respected people who spent long apprenticeships leaning their trade. They would apply traditional knowledge passed down by generations of craftsmen. These men would have learned the properties of the materials and design methods which stood the test of time. The design of furniture changed to reflect the contemporary fashions but the principles remained constant.


When we look at an antique artifact its history is often overlooked and its place in our past and present can be undervalued.  Whether we like it or not, we are just another generation owning or using a utilitarian item that has survived for hundreds of years. This being the case, we are the temporary custodians in a line of many to come, and so have a responsibility that should be taken seriously.  Education, awareness and a responsibility to ensure such items will survive for future generations to appreciate and enjoy is extremely important.


Antique restoration and conservation is a specialist field.  Allowing unskilled workers to repair a such a piece of furniture, could not only devalue such an item but more importantly shorten its life.


Cal was fortunate to serve a full apprenticeship before that system became a thing of the past. In the case of antique furniture restoration his teachers were all time served craftsmen. Cal was tutored in furniture design and construction by John Price an ex pupil of Edward Barnsley of the world famous Cotswold workshops. His training taught him to be visually sympathetic and to pay particular attention to detail. He was also fortunate to learn traditional techniques and their importance in restoring period furniture.


Cal, Justin and Damian are very careful to use materials and techniques that would have been used at the time the piece was made. It is very important that repair or conservation treatments can be reversed. This is particularly important in finishing the surface. Surface treatments, other than waxing should only be undertaken if absolutely necessary. They should only be the type of the period. This is vitally important in the case of colouring. All staining must be reversible.


Should restoration be required it is done sympathetically and in a manor which can be reversed should that be required later in the life of the piece. This ensures that the value of the artifact is not destroyed or altered. This is in line with current conservation practices.


• We are happy to document all proposed repairs and conservation techniques to be used on a particular piece should it be required.

• A written quote can be provided if required

• Photographic documentation of a restoration or conservation project can be provided if required

• All work is unconditionally guaranteed

•  We provide a consultancy service to advise on care or conservation measures for small or large collections



Calvert Regan, master craftsman at work with an antique molding plane.

Antique Restoration & Conservation Services

Unit 2 / 53 Township Drive

Burleigh Heads

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Phone: 07 5535 1939

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