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Metal Casting & Replica Antique Fittings

On occasions metal fittings are missing from an antique. Perhaps a handle or pommel or in the case of candelabra below an ornate sconce. Usually fittings or enrichments are used in multiples. If one remains, identical copies can be made and cast using the lost wax method and centrifugal casting. The fidelity of this process is unbelievably good resulting in a copy as good as the original.


If an item of antique furniture hardware is missing altogether and we do not have anything to copy from, we can carve a suitable replacement out of wax, and cast it for you. We also have a huge library of rubber molds from years of work. We also have metalwork machinery, and can turn or mill replacement metal or plastic fittings and fixtures should this be required.

Rubber moulds of a sconce and a handle. Wax copies can be seen resting on the rubber molds
A replacement casting of a missing silver candelbra sconce.

Shown here are rubber molds of a sconce and a handle. Wax copies can be seen resting on the rubber molds.

The resulting cast can be seen on the right. This was a replacement sconce on a candelabra.

Hot molten wax is injected under pressure into the rubber mold. When cool the wax will be invested in a refractory material. A refractory material is a heat-resistant substance that is used to encapsulate and perfectly surround the wax item, and can be placed in a furnace. When placed in a furnace the wax is burnt out leaving a cavity that is identical to the original wax item.


The refractory mold is placed in a centrifugal casting machine. Molten metal is poured into a reservoir, and when the machine spins, it is thrown into the mold cavity by centrifugal force resulting in a copy identical to the original. The refractory material is then chipped away from the metal, and the metal is cleaned, filed, smoothed and polished then plated if required.


1930s Royal Automobile Associate radiator hood badge wax casting and mold.
A replica 1930s Royal Automobile Associate radiator hood badge. Cast by ARC Services on the Gold Coast.

Another good example of one of our casting jobs. In this case we made a replica 1930s Royal Automobile Associate radiator hood badge for a vintage car enthusiast in Brisbane. We were supplied with an original, and used this to make the mold. Now that we have the mold it is possible to cast more if ever required. This item was cast in brass then plated in silver.

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